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"I have absolutely no shame in admitting that Elena literally saved my life. Towards the back end of 2019, my life took a turn for the worst. I started to develop very strong forms and feelings of anxiety and depression; every day of my life became a struggle. I saw several psychologists in an attempt to change the way I was feeling.  I was seeing no change in both my mental and physical state. I was then referred to Elena, I was told she differed from a psychologist and worked more closely with you, she dug deeper and helped me truly find the problems I had within.

I will forever feel indebted to her. She saved me from feelings and emotions that I thought were unescapable, and she did it in just a matter of weeks."

— Jacob.B

(The Confidence Program)

"Working with Elena was a different experience compared to the usual councilor/psychologist. She is very down to earth and a lovely person to work with who understands how the human psyche works. She made me feel comfortable with opening up to her and to lean into my inner self, in order to gain wisdom and grow. Thankful for the experience, couldn’t recommend someone better to awaken your wisdom."

— Stefan. P

(The Confidence Program)

“Suffering with anxiety my whole life has been very challenging and debilitating to say the least. I felt there was absolutely no hope until I went on my own spiritual journey to find the truth - “my truth.” I realised there was so much that needed to be transcended (subconsciously) that I couldn’t transcend on my own. So I built the courage to ask Elena for help. She helped change the way I react to so many things that would normally leave me feeling awful. She helped me change the way I saw myself. I used to see myself as a person but after working with her I know that I’m a magical being who does not need to constantly stress and suffer. The answers were always within me and she guided me to know what having a free mind really feels like. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND her.”

— Rebecca. O

(The Level Up Program)

"Elena has been unlike any other therapist I have experienced in my life.

If you're someone who hasn't found the right support or healing through other therapies, you must do Elena's program as you will gain so much healing and peace by the end of the program!" 

— Jessica. M

(The Clarity Program)

“When I started Elena’s program I knew something was working as I physically and emotionally felt lighter after each session. I was facing some truths that weren’t even apparent to me that were holding me back until this program forced me to dig deeper as to why I made certain choices. I have gained so many tools that I am able to utilise in my everyday life to help me be the best version of myself. I really enjoyed the process to growing and expanding my awareness and healing from past wounds. I highly recommend working with Elena! Without her passion and drive I don’t think I would be the same person. The woman who started this program is a shell of what I am today and I have Elena to thank for that.”

— Janelle.D

(The Level Up Program)

“Where to even begin thanking this amazing human being. She is one of the easiest and understanding people I’ve ever spoken to. The one thing I thank Elena most for was helping me discover my true self and values I have within me. Without her support and guidance I would’ve never been able to find the love in  me. Many men struggle to open up speak on how they feel. Opening up to Elena and reaching out was the turn around in my life 100% and I am so thankful for this”

— Dime.E

(The Confidence Program)

"Suffering anxiety, anger and many trust issues from life traumas would always take the best of me. I reached out to Elena for help to understand why I felt this way and why I was influenced so heaviliy on other peoples emotions. Under the guidance of Elena taking me through my journey and learning about myself and understand my emotions, my consciousness and awareness on life has opened up. I understand who I am and how not to let other people’s emotions take the best of me.I couldn’t be more thankful for Elena taking me on this journey and providing me with constant support when I would message her at all hours of the morning trying to process my emotions and understand why I felt a certain way."

— Gracie.M

(The Confidence Program)

"To anyone that reads this, 
Elena is fantastic in her work and as a person herself, the work and steps I did with her helped me and the way I think, in more ways than one. 
The work with Elena has helped me see things from a different perspective and how to react to certain situations and also to shed a little light and closure of past experiences.
I do highly recommend her and thank you Elena for all you’re help :) "

— Dion.P

(The Confidence Program)

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